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Global Market for Water Recycling & Reuse: Filtration Systems 

Water conservation technologies (WCTs), also referred to as water saving technologies, include water recycling or reuse systems; rainwater harvesting or stormwater retention mechanisms; irrigation system equipment, such as micro irrigation valves and drippers, water control software and water flow meters; residential and commercial point of use products, including low flow showerheads, waterless urinals and high efficiency clothes washers; and water infrastructure repair technologies, such as pipe inspecting robots and injectable pipe lining material and crack-filling products. Other technologies within the WCT market include sand dams, swine lagoon conversion systems and waterless purified air cleansing processes for industrial use. 

In 2009 the WCT market reached over $88 billion worldwide. The market’s exciting growth over the past few years is expected to continue, with its water recycling and reuse sector alone experiencing a near 91% increase in market value between 2009 and 2015. Some of the major factors fueling the growth of the WCT market include a growing global demand for fresh water, increasing drought in many areas of the world, government economic incentives and project funding; more developed and less costly water conserving technologies and a strengthening of international alliances to propel water conservation around the globe. 

Many different types of WCTs are being improved upon and freshly developed to keep up with the growing and varied demands of the market. The rainwater harvesting system - typically comprised of a large tank, often mounted on the side of a house or buried underground - is especially useful in regions that experience short periods of heavy rainfall along with long periods of drought. Some WCT technologies are more appropriate for use in developed areas, where economic concerns are not as great. Irrigation control software - designed to automatically monitor and control water flow from a remote location using wireless technology - is highly effective in conserving water, however can be relatively costly to implement and to manage. 

Water conservation minded organizations, associations, and other types of groups are working together internationally to educate and to work with the public both in developed and underdeveloped countries to promote water conservation and to aid in implementing water conservation technologies. These groups, which cross all sectors of the market and are found in all areas of the world, are giving the WCT market a steady jolt as they rally for water conservation and help those in the industry to network and grow. The WTC market is often heavily supported by “green” coalitions - unlike many industries, which often experience strong resistance from these environmental groups. 

Global Market for Water Recycling & Reuse: Filtration Systems contains comprehensive historical (2005 - 2009) and forecast (2010 - 2015) data. This report identifies key trends, regulations, new technologies and economic and geographic factors affecting the direction and size of market growth in more then 25 countries. Profiles of major and cutting edge companies using WCT are also included.

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