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Research Collaboration to Hold Decarbonisation Tests in Support of Clean Growth Initiative


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June 8, 2018 -- A Swansea University research collaboration is to carry out field trials of its very large scale decarbonization technology in support of Government's recently announced clean growth initiatives.

The tests come after an announcement in May by UK Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perrywho outlined the UK's goal to lead an international challenge with Saudi Arabia and Mexico to remove carbon from emissions.

Consistent with this objective and highlighting the important role of innovation in supporting cost reduction, the UK collaboration,Very Large Scale Decarbonization Partners (VLS Decarb) now intends to carry out field trials of its profoundly large scale capable CO2 sequestration system in several UK and EU locations.

The company's major-market patented and globally patent pending suite of technologies hold the potential to sequester atmospheric CO2at the levels stipulated by the Paris Climate Change Accord of December 2015, specifically, the removal of volumes of CO2sufficient to arrest the progression of climate change and potentially reverse harmful effects being experienced from unmitigated CO2emissions of human origins.

The VLSD Research and Development Consortium 

During the past five years, the technology has been advanced by a massive R&D collaboration involving VLS Decarb's academic and industry partners, the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University along with an international array of academic and governmental institutions and funding agencies, amongst whom Innovate UK has sponsored, in partnership with Glass Technology Services (GTS), the research that led to key materials development that enable the CCS concept.

In addition to an industry partnership with Glass Technology Services (GTS), ESRI brings a significant ongoing collaboration agreement with King Saud University, which aligns with the UK Government's international challenge with Saudi Arabia. The enabling research for this project has been supported by Innovate UK, the Welsh Government Sêr Cymru Chair Programme, and the FLEXIS project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Welsh Government.     

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