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Research into iron oxide clogging reveals startling interim results


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Interim results of ongoing research into combating iron oxide clogging in boreholes have recently been released with some startling findings. Ipswich based Geoquip Water Solutions, together with their Australian partners Aquabiotics Industrial, have been working in partnership with the Western Australian Water Corporation to identify ways of treating, maintaining and improving wells with iron oxide clogging that provide potable water across Western Australia and Victoria. The research is ongoing but interim findings have been so positive that they were recently presented in a paper at the WaterMed Conference 2009 in Rome.

The research involved cleaning affected wells using purpose built rehabilitation rigs together with combinations of the Boresaver product, a cleaning solution for systems contaminated with iron oxide, manganese oxide and iron related bacteria. The solution is approved by the Secretary of State for use in potable water and is now used as a solution for iron related problems in over fourteen countries worldwide.

Comparing the treatment with traditional methods the research showed that not only was there an increase in specific capacity, this capacity continued to increase over the two year period before the next treatment phase began. Moreover, the expected decline in well performance, which had previously occurred every 1000 hours of pump operation, was not evident even after more than 4000 hours. Data collected from a range of bore fields has substantiated these results.

Mike Deed from Geoquip was cautious but positive about what these results could mean. “We’ve always recommended that Boresaver be used as part of a structured borefield management programme including the use of down hole camera surveys, physical pump inspections and detailed performance testing at regular intervals. What these results show is that this programme can result in more available water, reduced shutdown times, fewer maintenance intervals and lower rehabilitation costs. The research is now being extended to incorporate a wider range of boreholes across Australia and we look forward to publishing the final results in 2011. “

For further details on the research or to find out more about Boresaver please contact Mike Deed on 01473 462046 or email

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