Research Study on China Aquaculture & Aquatic Feed Industry


Since the reform and opening policies were introduced, aquaculture industry has been growing dramatically. In China, the output of aquaculture was up to 38.288 million MT in 2010 from 1.212 million MT in 1978, and the proportion in the total aquatic products output increased to 71.3% from 26.4%. Aquaculture distribution also changed significantly, from the traditional breeding areas of Yangtze River and Pearl River basin expanding to all over the country. Cultured species have taken on a tendency of diversification and high quality. Marine culture developed from the traditional species of shellfish and algae to shrimp, shellfish, fish, algae and high value species, meanwhile traditional cultured pattern of black carp, grass carp, chub and terch were broke in freshwater culture, and eel, tilapia, and Penaeus Vannamei have already formed the scale.

Aquatic feed industry also developed rapidly. The output of aquatic feed was only 0.746 million MT in 1991, accounting for 2.1% of the total feed production, and increased to 15.02 million MT in 2010, accounting for 9.3% of the total feed production.

With the development of aquaculture and aquatic feed industry, the scale of aquaculture companies and aquatic feed manufacturers is gradually expanding. On one hand, companies mainly engaged in aquaculture/aquatic feed production constantly extend the upstream and downstream industry chains and integrate reproducing, aquatic feed production, aquaculture, aquatic products processing and trade; on the other hand large aquaculture companies/feed producers are gradually expanding and forming collectivization advantage.

In this report, the related information will be described by figures, tables and maps as much as possible in order to visually show the development and prospects of China’s aquaculture and aquatic feed industry to our customers. Meanwhile we respectively selected 10 influential enterprises from aquaculture industry and aquatic feed industry. By means of thorough analysis, the report can provide references and basis for your market decisions by further understanding the development and prospects of China’s aquaculture and aquatic feed industry. 

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