Researcher’s tool for measuring NOx


Source: Eco Physics Inc.

The Supreme Line CLDs from ECO PHYSICS have the features that researchers have always requested. The scientist can concentrate on science, while his analyzer measures NOx continuously and automatically: With a very fast response time, highest sensitivity for all background ambient monitoring needs (from a few ppb down to 10 ppt), automatic chemical zero compensation and exellent selectivity and linearity, this new instrument can be summed up in one word: Supreme!

When it comes to number crunching: This analyzer offers an integrated hard disk with nearly unlimited storage capacity for data logging purposes. The structured SQL database allows an easy way of exporting data. Of course, interfacing is up to date with not only RS232, but Ethernet connections. The user benefits from fewer and hidden external connections.

The instrument has a compact design and requires less space in racks. With its tilted and adjustable front panel the readability of displayed information is vastly improved. The first unit has been tested in a remote location for over one year and has proven its full capability: Supreme performance!.

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