Resistive fuel level sensors


Euroswitch of Sale Marasino (Bs, Italy), known for its production of level sensors, pressure switches, thermostats, vacuum switches and rotation sensors, in addition to the vast range of products in its catalogue also offers its customers resistive fuel level sensors for controlling nonconductive liquids such as fuel and oils. This is thanks to the synergy with Mont.el (the company heading the network of the same name to which Euroswitch belongs), technological leader in the design and production of innovative and highly reliable sensors for fuel level and fuel reserves, used mainly in the sectors of agricultural machinery and earth moving equipment, for motorcycles and yachting. The operation of these sensors is based on the potentiometer principle obtained with a sliding contact, anchored inside a float in expanded nylon, which gives a resistance value that varies as a function of fuel level sliding along a special printed circuit in gilded FR4. By carefully sizing the number and length of the sectors of the printed circuit (usually 15) it is possible to obtain linear measurements that allow the Mont, el sensor to be adapted to any tank and type of instrument, analogical or digital, and to have exiting from the sensor a contact that is normally open but closes to earth when the fuel level reaches the reserve level desired. The presence of a calm chamber allows oscillations to be considerably reduced. On request, using an additional electronic circuit it is possible to have a check control which in the switch on phase verifies the working of the reserve warning light switching it on for a few seconds and during normal working introduces a delay in the signal to avoid the warning light flashing when the vehicle rolls or pitches.

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