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Resources and Solutions for Office Workers in Puerto Rico Exposed to Indoor Pollutants

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Zimmetry Environmental provides indoor environmental quality (IEQ) testing and consulting services to identify, mitigate and eliminate exposure risks.

Bayamon, Puerto Rico, July 30th, 2019 -- With many adults spending thousands of hours each year in their office, the indoor environmental quality of their work environment plays a major role in not only their health and wellbeing, but also their productivity. To address the indoor air quality (IAQ) component of this equation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published An Office Building Occupant’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality.


The document was created to help those who work in office buildings learn about the factors that contribute to IAQ and comfort problems and the roles of building managers and occupants in maintaining a good indoor environment. It breaks down major indoor pollutants into the following key categories:

Biological contaminants - Excessive concentrations of bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold), dust mite allergen, animal dander and pollen may result from inadequate maintenance and housekeeping, water spills, inadequate humidity control, condensation, or may be brought into the building by occupants, infiltration or ventilation air. Allergic responses to indoor biological pollutant exposures cause symptoms in allergic individuals and also play a key role in triggering asthma episodes.
Chemical pollutants - Sources of chemical pollutants include tobacco smoke, emissions from products used in the building (e.g., office equipment; furniture, wall and floor coverings; and cleaning and consumer products) accidental spill of chemicals, and gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, products of combustion.
Particles - Particles are solid or liquid substances which are light enough to be suspended in the air, the largest of which may be visible in sunbeams streaming into a room. However, smaller particles that cannot be seen are likely to be more harmful to health. Particles of dust, dirt or other substances may be drawn into the building from outside and can also be produced by activities that occur in buildings, like sanding wood or drywall, printing, copying, operating equipment and smoking.

“These are some of the more common causes of complaints in office buildings in Puerto Rico that we are called upon to investigate and resolve,” said Harry Pena, President of Zimmetry Environmental. “There are many other factors, such as HVAC system maintenance and the amount of fresh air intake, which can also be contributing factors for poor office air quality. At Zimmetry, our building science experts offer comprehensive indoor environmental testing and consulting services to identify and resolve complaints that take place in office environments in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean.”


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