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Revolutionary drone system to control, monitor and treat green algae blooms with the innovative DRONIC system

Source: LG Sonic

A European consortium develops a smart technology to monitor and treat harmful algae blooms

ZOETERMEER, The Netherlands -- As air drones already exist, a new development has evolved in drone technology, a water-based drone to ensure fast and efficient algae control and treatment.

Combatting algae is known as a complicated process which requires accurate measurements. A European consortium would like to present the dronic project, which will change algae treatment into a new technology that can simplify and bring it to a higher level. This will provide an effective treatment against algae and cyanobacteria in lakes and inland water reservoirs used for drinking water production.

Mr. Yousef, general manager of LG SOUND, trusts firmly in this new technology. Therefore, the company has joined forces with the most prestigious European organizations and universities: ACSA France, CNRS France, SEPTENTRIO Belgium, VITO Belgium, UL Slovenia, Ministry of Agriculture Cyprus and Scottish Water United Kingdom. With a total investment of 3.2 million euros, the consortium will develop an innovative, environmental and cost-effective method to control harmful algae blooms in lakes, inland water reservoirs, seas and harbours. Within this technology, two water drones are combined with water sensors, which localize hotspots of algae blooms and offer the required treatment with ultrasound frequencies.

The process starts with its ‘Master’ drone, which follows a programmed route to localize algae hotspots. In this process several water parameters are measured. If algae above certain concentrations are found, the drone will map the location and dimension of the bloom. This data is sent to the ‘Slave’ drone, which then navigates to the hotspot and treats the algae blooms on location with ultrasonic sound waves.

Thus, measurement of water quality, bathymetry and other related parameters are combined to directly locate and treat algae blooms.

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LG Sound started in 1999. Since then, it has sold over 10,000 products and today is hailed as the best ultrasonic provider for algae control in the world. The LG Sound knowledge centre is based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Customers that would like to receive more in-depth information on the new DRONIC, can visit the LG Sonic® website or contact their official distributors and partners worldwide.