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Revolutionary new noise at work monitoring tool launched by Pulsar Instruments


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With millions of people exposed to harmful levels of noise in the workplace around the world every day, Pulsar Instruments plc, the fastest growing noise measurement product manufacturer in the industry, are launching a new range of world-class professional sound level meters specifically designed to track and record noise levels and comply with occupational standards.

The Pulsar Nova® range comprises a choice of 6 hand-held meters perfectly suited for safety professionals seeking to undertake anything from the most basic noise level assessments, occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements to more complex environmental noise monitoring. 

Featuring a high resolution OLED (organic light emitting diode) display, ambient light sensor and illuminated silicon elastomer keypad, the Pulsar Nova® sound level meter offers users a very clear visual of noise measurement data under all weather conditions. The meters are easy to operate and allow measurements to be captured and displayed in 3 easy steps. Exceptional battery life of over 30 hours comes as standard with all 6 meters which prolongs the life of the instrument thus saving users time by allowing more scope for measurements and by removing the need to change batteries after a few hours of use.

The meters have a die cast aluminium outer case offering maximum robustness and reliability needed by heavy industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction and transportation whilst requiring minimum training.  The Pulsar Nova® meters are available are standard measurement kits or longer term outdoor monitoring system.

Sarah Brack, Managing Director of Pulsar Instruments, said “The Pulsar Nova® sound level meters are a revolutionary tool and a major departure for the company.  The units can be upgraded further with a range of optional modules at the time of purchase or later on making it the ideal solution to cover every requirement and budget”.

The new Pulsar Nova sound level meters come with a 7 year warranty.

The Pulsar Nova® range of sound level meters was entirely designed and manufactured in North Yorkshire in the UK.

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