Revolutionary Personal Noise Dosimeters

SV 103 Personal Noise Dosimeters Released

St. Petersburg, FL - July 3, 2013 -- The Svantek SV 104 is the most powerful and versatile noise dosimeter on the market. The three independent dosimeter profiles provide simultaneous measurements for OSHA PEL, OSHA HCA, ACGIH, or custom configurations in real-time within the compact dosimeter. These profiles allow safety professionals to perform multiple simultaneous surveys resulting in cost and time savings. Additionally, the octave band real-time analysis provides the data required for selection of personnel hearing protection.

The SV 104 is an industrial instrument with a robust design. Its rugged enclosure is paired with a MEMS microphone for increased shock and damage resistance. The color OLED display makes results and menus easy to read even in dim light or direct sunlight. The LED measurement indicator provides warning of dose level exposures.

Noise surveys are more dependable with the SV 104 due to the incorporation of a triaxial MEMS vibration sensor that detects possible impacts and knocks, which could identify false spikes in results. It also has a locking keypad preventing tampering during surveys. For noise source identification, the audio recording feature saves sound clips to on-board memory when a threshold is exceeded.

The Supervisor software accompanies the SV 104 at no cost. This powerful tool provides easy management of your Svantek sound and vibration products including data download and reporting as well as instrument setup.


  • Enhanced Design
    • Rugged enclosure with durable MEMS microphone for greater shock and damage resistance
    • Color OLED display makes it easy to read results in dim light or direct sunlight
  • Precision Measurement
    • Three simultaneous, independent dosimeter measurements for OSHA PEL, OSHA HCA, ACGIH, or custom configurations
    • Real-time octave band analysis provides hearing protection selection data
  • Results Verification
    • Audio recording for peak or threshold noise-source identification
    • MEMS triaxial vibration sensor records possible instrument impacts
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Customizable viewing, report generation and history database
    • Instrument manager and profile configuration

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    This is a game changer!