Revolutionary ultrasonic Algae and Cyanobacteria control with the smart LG Sonic MPC-BUOY (Monitor-Predict-Control)

Source: LG Sonic

Global ultrasonic manufacturer LG Sound proudly announces the launch of a new LG Sonic MPC-Buoy

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands -- The patented LG Sonic MPC ensures fast and efficient algae control by combining online water quality monitoring, telemetering and ultrasound technology to provide the state-of-the-art treatment against algae and cyanobacteria in ponds, lakes and dams.

As algae types change during seasons, the ultrasonic treatment needs to be adjusted accordingly. To remain highest efficiency, the new interactive algae control product includes outstanding features with compatible performances.

Starting with the monitoring option, the LG Sonic MPC provides a complete overview of the water quality by measuring essential parameters such as Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, Redox and Temperature.

Then collected data is communicated real-time by radio, 3G or GPRS telemetry to the web based MPC-View software.
The software displays the collected data in charts and graphs so they can clearly evaluate the water quality and the technical status of their positioned MPC-Buoy.

Based on these data an adequate ultrasonic program is determined to efficiently target the present algae and sent to the 3 LG Sonic e-Line ultrasonic transmitters that assure a complete sound coverage of 360° in a range of 500 meter (1650 ft).By working with precise ultrasonic programs for what is present in the water, the ultrasonic treatment is faster and becomes more efficient. Besides that, changing an ultrasonic program prevents that algae become resistant to a spectrum of ultrasound and thus untreatable.

Finally thanks to LG Sonic MPC-Buoy and the interactive communication between the LG Sonic, Sensors and the Web Server, any harmful algae and cyanobacteria blooms can be predicted a few days ahead.

LG Sound’s unique product, the LG Sonic MPC-Buoy is now available to users anywhere around the world. Proud of their latest innovation, water expert of LG Sound Ing.Lisa Brand announces: “We have been working on these product tirelessly and finally we are proud to announce the ultimate smart cyanobacteria and algae control unit, the LG Sonic MPC-Buoy. This interactive stand-alone unit offers our clients to be in complete control over their algae treatment from their office or home. With the revolutionary options of the MPC-Buoy we already feel one step ahead in the water treatment world’’
About LG Sound
LG Sound started in 1999. Since then, it has sold over 10.000 products and today is hailed as the best ultrasonic provider for algae control in the world. LG Sound knowledge center is based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Customers that would like to receive more in-depth information on the new MPC-Buoy product can visit the LG Sonic website or contact their official distributors and partners worldwide.

Source: Marina Janchevska, Principal Ecologist of LG Sound.

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