Rising Animal Health – Sinking Costs: Sustained feeding with “FermCube“


WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp relies on the advantages of fermented feed in pig managements. With their unique, self-sufficient modular system “FermCube”, the Lower Saxonian manufacturers of house equipment offer with immediate effect a compact fermentation unit as a container solution – including complete process control and process monitoring, as well as mixing technology and hot water processing.

As a standardized modular system in the container, the controlled fermentation is ready for immediate use for virtually any house size. Moreover, the waiting time for building permits must not be taken into consideration. The integrated monitoring system evaluates the fermentation data and thus ensures high process security. Due to the WEDA modular system construction, the individual adaptation to already available house systems is possible without any problems. The concept is furthermore compatible with the feeding systems of other producers because they can be easily combined by means of FermCube.

The advantages of the system ensure tremendous relief. The farmer does not need to take care of anything in the process of fermenting and feeding, including water processing. All fermentation data can be automatically transferred to the respective feed company software from the WEDA Software ‘fermi4PX’ via an interface. This way, possible disturbances during the fermentation process can immediately be detected and can be nipped in the bud.

Sustained feeding also makes the use of GMO soy unnecessary. With the aid of FermCube, animal health improves, and use of an antibiotic would only be necessary in exceptional cases. Also, the environment profits from this: reduced use of phosphorus in the feed provides for less phosphorus and nitrogen inputs into the soil, - a significant advantage in the face of increasingly restrictive fertilizer ordinances. Below the line, everyone shares the advantages to the same extent because besides lower feed expenses and better feed conversion, the work-life balance of all enterprises improves for each party.

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