River and drainage modelling seminars


The River and Drainage Modelling Seminar Series MWH Soft co-presented in Malaysia have been successfully completed. The seminars were co-organised by Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran (JPS), the Malaysian Government's Department of Irrigation and Drainage and held in Kuala Lumpur and Penang on 1st and 2nd December.

JPS are responsible for flood management and main river water quality throughout Malaysia and have embarked on ambitious programs to update the national mapping inventory of historic flood extents, flood risks and associated flood hazards and restore the health and diversity of the country's worst polluted rivers. Key to the success of these programmes is adoption of advanced modelling and simulation techniques that allow detailed analysis of flood risk and flood hazard at the individual property scale and catchment-wide simulation of pollution to effectively support a comprehensive approach to flood risk management and environmental improvement.

These events showcased the use of MWH Soft software products and services for the management and modelling of storm water and flooding events. Close to 200 attendees learned about advanced engineering data management, the overall benefits of hydraulic and water quality modelling; advanced river modelling; integrated river, sewer and overland flow modelling (integrated catchment modelling); and real time flood forecasting.

Case studies of recently completed projects were presented to augment the technical product demonstrations. These presentations highlighted the benefits gained by use of advanced modeling over a wide range of applications including integrated storm water and river flood modelling for development control; dynamic urban storm water management for tidally affected towns; catchment wide 2D flood modelling to provide detailed predictions of the flood extends, depths, velocities and associated hazard; catchment wide flood forecasting and warning systems that use detailed hydrological and hydraulic models linked to real-time weather information to provide accurate predictions of the location and severity of impending flooding; and basin wide pollution modelling to investigate options for water quality improvement and priorities investment in treatment work throughout the river system.

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