RKW presents plastics packaging for industrial goods on the UPAKOVKA trade fair in Moscow, January 27 – 30, 2015


Source: RKW Agri GmbH & Co. KG

Reliable product protection for storage, handling, and transport

Frankenthal -- For the third straight year, RKW is participating at the UPAKOVKA trade fair in Moscow. For industrial goods, the international Corporate Group offers numerous functional plastic packaging solutions along the entire logistics chain. The highlight of RKW’s product presentation at the trade fair will be the introduction of RKW ProVent Advanced, the further development of the beloved plastic sack for powdery goods, which can be seen in Hall 2, Booth 22B29.

At the RKW trade fair booth, the visitor can expect to find a comprehensive product portfolio of FFS films, ready-made sacks, as well as transport and pallet safety films.

FFS films are optimal packaging solutions for the large-scale filling industry. Due to its excellent machinability, is can be used for almost all bulk goods. This also includes the highlight of the trade fair: RKW ProVent Advanced.

RKW ready-made sacks are available in a high level of product and variant diversity to ensure the perfect, individual product fit. One specialty in this area is the new generation of RKW Handisac with an integrated carry handle. It has been designed for the consumer’s easy use, and can be designed as a high-quality printed sales packaging. They are especially suitable for the filling of pasty smoothing compounds, gypsum, plaster, animal feed, cat litter, as well as earth and garden products.

The transport and pallet protection from the plastics specialist RKW are used everywhere where transport units must be packaged in a quick, safe, waterproof, and sustainable manner, for example beverage bottles and cement bags. This way, the products can reliably be protected from environmental influences. Special RKW stretchhood films ensure complete film stability for a powerful load and, at the same time, their low material usage means that they are economical and environmentally friendly.

The highlight of the UPAKOVKA trade fair is the new generation of the beloved RKW ProVent plastic sack. Over 10 years ago, the self-vent bag, which was especially developed for the cement, building materials, and constructional chemistry industries, set a new standard in the packaging of powdery goods. With its completely integrated AirVent System 2.0, the new model, RKW ProVent Advanced, represents a new milestone. It is an especially interesting solution for companies in the chemical and foods industries.

The sack has a completely seamless front side that can be printed in up to eight colors and, in this regard, offers an absolutely uniform advertising area that also meets the stringent demands of brand-name manufacturers. Due to its outstanding advertising effect, it is more than suitable for use as a challenging marketing instrument with enormous differentiation potential.

The complete RKW ProVent product line is an efficient, sustainable, and resilient alternative to the standard paper packaging when dealing with transport, storage, and sale of foodstuffs such as corn starch and aromas or building materials such as cement or mortar. Customers also benefit from a significantly extended expiration date of the filled products, the possibility for the secure external storage, as well as clean handling.

The RKW Group

  • The RKW Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and nonwovens.
  • On an annual basis, the Group’s more than 3,000 employees process over 420,000 tons of plastic materials in 23 locations around the world.
  • The RKW Group offers a broad range of product and service solutions in films and nonwovens for the hygiene and medical field, for the converting industry, for industrial and consumer packaging as well as for the agricultural and construction sectors.
  • For almost 60 years, the RKW Group has been setting standards in terms of quality, innovation, and service from which our local and global customers benefit.
  • The independent, family-owned company generated sales of 860 million euros in 2013. For 2014, the company plans on achieving sales of 950 million euros.

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