RM100 – high performance and availability



'My customers earn with me,' stresses Robert Thoma junior from Bavaria, on his success principle. He attaches great importance to the performance and availability of his fleet of machines in order to offer his customers professionalism and fair prices.

Thoma Bau- u. Recycling GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in the mobile recycling of broken up asphalt roads: these are crushed directly on the job sites to the required final grain size and turned into environmentally compatible, stable top bed material. To expand the recycling activities an RM100 together with OS100 mobile oversize grain separator were purchased, 'A mobile, high-performance system that can be transported to the job site without any fuss.

'Over 200 t/h of ready-to-use 0/32 mm graded material are produced from broken asphalt material (as in the case here at a road building operation near Giessen) with only one operator required for the mobile RUBBLE MASTER power duo RM100 & OS100.

The high throughput – even with steel reinforced concrete – plus remote controlled simultaneous crushing and manoeuvring operations from the loader were key factors in Robert Thoma junior's decision. Here, waste pre-stressed concrete is being processed in a single pass to 0/32 mm with all steel parts being removed by the magnetic separator.

Monitoring grades secures value
he fact that the final grain size can be easily adjusted at the rotor using engine speed was the key criterion in a decision in favour of a RM100 RUBBLE MASTER high-performance crusher. This decision saw the replacement of an RM80 immediately after BAUMA at the civil engineering company Noller in Baden-Württemberg after 3 years – a period in which altogether some 250,000 tonnes of limestone rock had been crushed down to mineral mixtures of 0/32 and 0/45 for the company's own use. At his company, which employs 65 people, Joachim Noller attaches prime importance to quality through continuous grade monitoring. 'The RM100 delivers an end product with a high market value and optimum grain distribution,' says the quality-oriented owner. The crusher stands out through its extensive optimisation, also with minimum wear and operating costs, such as diesel consumption at only 20 to 22 l/h. The RM100 demonstrated its prowess in mineral processing after start-up shortly after BAUMA: here limestone rock is being fed using a wheeled loader with a 3.5 m3 bucket and recycled to make high-value 0/32 mm final grain.

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