RM100 increases daily capacity thanks to availability + throughput continuity


Source: Rubble Master HMH GmbH

RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recyclers set standards and open up a whole new class for mobile recyclers. The RM100, the latest model of their impact crusher range, is a convincing solution featuring a previously unattained combination of throughput performance and compactness. Simply the best you can currently achieve with a 28-tonne machine.

The RM100's outstanding intake and crushing performance is thanks to the newly developed vibro channel. It enables maximum conveying capacity with all materials, optimised by the second generation RUBBLE MASTER 'Feed Control System' whereby the machine regulates the optimum operating conditions itself. Material flow through the crusher is extremely smooth and stable, even with large quantities of reinforcing steel. If, however, pieces that are too big do enter the crusher chamber, the RUBBLE MASTER 'Release System' removes any blockages immediately at the press of a button on the remote control unit.

The crusher is designed to handle high throughput and features impact elements that assist the crushing process. The final grain can be set using speed control and guarantees perfect quality – plus a final product with a high market value. The efficiency of the magnetic separator ensures that any steel is completely removed. No grain is left behind on reinforcing steel.

The handling of the RM100 is convincing: whether it's in travel mode or crusher mode, the operator handles all the control functions via remote control – either from the digger or wheel loader. The RUBBLE MASTER Ground Based Service System means that all service and maintenance jobs can be handled from the ground. All components are easily accessible and extremely maintenance-friendly. The easy-access approach also adds to the machine's excellent safety concept and ensures changeover times are short. Even opening the crusher housing takes only a matter of minutes, thanks to a quick-action system. Hammers are also easy to change over: this can be handled by one person alone in a very short time. At under 28 tonnes the crawler-equipped RM100 is a typical Compact Recycler that is easy to transport – quickly and without needing any special permits.

Consumption far lower than the average
The new RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recycler stands out through performance and flexibility with regard to the materials to be processed, plus the high efficiency and low wear. The RM100 can be used with any material, and in any environment. Its high-tech design ensures that downtime and malfunctions are kept to an absolute minimum. Thanks to the optimisation of the crusher kinematics – engineered by HMH – and the use of new, wear-resistant and highly effective crusher materials, wear costs are kept well below the previous average. The low consumption of only 20 to 22 litres of diesel in normal operation also keeps fuel costs extremely low, minimising a significant cost factor as a result. Matthias Moosleitner, the first RM100 customer in Austria, can confirm this from his own experience: 'Thanks to the increased efficiency, the RM100's fuel consumption is much lower than with bigger machines.'

The low emission values plus the exceptionally low dust and noise means that the RM100 can be used even in built-up areas. Clear benefits that also make the RM impact crusher a very welcome sight for local authorities and residents. This has also proven to be the case for Moosleitner GmbH, as the first job site, for example, for the RM100 was in Hallein, very close to residential buildings.

Indispensable add-ons for professional recyclers – such as the reliable magnetic separator, side discharge belt and OS100 mobile oversize grain separator for defined final grain in a single pass – are also available as proven RM100 add-on modules. This way RUBBLE MASTER users are able to fulfil the necessary tasks and requirements on all job sites and in any surroundings cost-effectively, and use the outstanding quality to earn a reputation as recycling specialists.

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