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RM80 highly efficient at major project in Vienna


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HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H. is one of the largest companies in the Austrian construction industry. Since the beginning of 2004 they have been using a mobile RUBBLE MASTER system consisting of RM80 crusher and OS80 oversize grain screen for recycling construction rubble. The RM power package has again been producing cost-effective value grain in a single pass during a current major project under contract for demolition specialists Prajo & CO in Vienna.

In the course of the project located in the St. Marx district of Vienna, additional sections of the old livestock and meat market were cleared for demolition. Demolition specialists Prajo & Co awarded HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H. with the contract to treat and recycle the building rubble material on-site. This particular RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher was awarded CE certification at the beginning of 2008 and can produce approved final grain from pre-sorted material to meet the specifications of grade-certified recycling materials so that they can be reused on the job site. The consequent savings in transport costs were a major factor in awarding the contract.

The demolition work in the densely built-up business area f the 3rd district in Vienna started at the end of 2007. The RM80 arrived on the job site in mid January. At that time two thirds of the demolition work had already been completed using 30 to 45-tonne excavators with 15-metre booms, large demolition grapples, hydraulic drills and pulverisers. The time frame for sorting and recycling is extremely tight. In total, 40,000 tonnes of construction rubble and concrete foundations with extensive reinforcements - some of the buildings date back as far as the 19th century - needs to be processed in just 3 months before the site is handed over completely flat.

Material sorting and processing in sequence

To achieve this it is necessary to ensure that the powerful RM Compact Recycler is fed continuously. The Prajo & Co team took care of preparing the construction rubble to a feed size of 200 to 350 mm so a continuous stream of material was available for processing. The crusher is mounted on crawler gear so it can keep relocating to the places where material heaps have been prepared for processing. However, on-site logistics are quite complex, because the basement foundations are still embedded in the ground the space available for forming heaps and processing them is extremely limited. An experienced HABAU operator feeds the crusher using a 25-tonne excavator with a 1.5 m3 bucket. The robust crusher processes the concrete quickly and smoothly. The high performance magnetic separator reliably removes all metal parts from the value grain. The patented OS80 oversize grain separator, which is linked to the main discharge conveyor of the crusher by quick-release levers, grades the material to 0/45 mm. The oversize material is then returned to the crusher inlet.

This highly efficient system produces 850 to 950 tonnes of 0/45 mm final grain per day on average, which can then be sold at a profit or reused on-site. Moreover, without the oversize grain screen the crusher produces 0/70 mm cubic value grain that can then be used as backfill material wherever it is needed. 'This job site works really well,' says Bernhard Radinger, HABAU Recycling Site Manager for Vienna and Lower Austria. 'Material sorting and processing is carried out in sequence. That's the only way of meeting our tight schedule. And we don't need to use a larger or additional crusher thanks to this high performance RUBBLE MASTER system, which is transported to the job site on a single low-loader.'

CE-certified secondary raw materials

Bernhard Radinger is also responsible for environmental management and is the Waste Materials Supervisor at HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H. In this role he is delighted at a great deal more than just the smooth-running construction site. He is also pleased with the CE certification of the RM80. HABAU itself has been an approved Austrian building materials supplier since 2004. Their inhouse laboratory tests soil mechanics at intervals of 5 working days. And every 20 days a chemical analysis is conducted by a scientific institute. As a result the cubic value grain at this site in St. Marx meets the strict criteria that apply to approved graded recycling materials and can be reused as 'recycling concrete RB' for bedding and backfilling material as well as for loose or compacted load-bearing surfaces.

Based on grade and quality criteria, the Austrian 'Directive for Recycling Materials' specifies the type and scope of tests that apply to building materials ready for reuse. The 7th edition of the directive dated January 2007 now includes additional materials and takes into account new regulations on frost resistance. The scope of the screen line analyses has also been extended and adapted to the 2006 Austrian Waste Management Plan.

RM80 ENVIRO with built-in 'local resident protection'

According to the directive it is necessary to pay the highest level of attention to local residents and environmental impact when setting up a well-organised recycling location for the mobile processing of construction rubble and excavated material. For this reason work on the St. Marx site is restricted to between 7 am and 6 pm. The RM80 excels in this situation thanks to the fully-integrated RM ENVIRO package to reduce noise and suppress dust as well as minimise emissions due to its efficient diesel-electric drive technology with approved, low-consumption engine. In addition to efficient dust suppression, the crusher is also equipped with a water spray system.

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