‘Road Test’ the next generation of coastal & oceanographic monitoring sensors from Chelsea Technologies at Ocean Business


Source: Chelsea Technologies Group

Ocean Business 9-11 April 2013, Southampton Oceanography Centre. Booth T8

On Tuesday 9 April, Justin Dunning and his team will present an overview of fluorescence measurements and their applications to water quality on board RV Callista during Ocean Business.  He will also present field data and demonstrate the new range of UviLux fluorometers. “These fluorometers can be configured to measure hydrocarbon, faecal contamination, BOD, optical brighteners and CDOM with the most popular applications to date being oil in water monitoring and coastal effluent detection”, reports Chelsea’s Justin Dunning.

Also onboard the RV Callista on Wednesday 10 April, Dr Kevin Oxborough and his team will demonstrate the new range of FastOcean FRR fluorometers for in situ and in vitro estimation of gross primary productivity. Additional applications for Fast Ocean include, ballast water monitoring, bloom detection, sea-truthing of satellite data, toxicant detection, coastal monitoring and iron fertilization experiments to name a few.   The first production run of FastOcean sensors has now sold out and a second batch is underway.

In a classroom session on Thursday 11 April, Dr Kevin Oxborough will outline the Laboratory and FerryBox-based FastOcean fluorometer systems for running fully automated, continuous fluorescence light curves, including real time PE curve analysis.   This session will include the opportunity for hands on experience with a FastAct laboratory system and FastPro8 software.

These events are designed to give Ocean Business delegates an opportunity not only to see first-hand the next generation of coastal and oceanographic monitoring sensors, but also to ‘road test’ them.  

To book your place on one of these FREE in-water demonstrations or arrange a meeting on Stand No: T8, please contact ekeegan@chelsea.co.uk for more information.

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