Robotics In the Service of Indoor Air Quality Professionals


Source: Robotics Design Inc.

When performing professional duct cleaning in hospitals, schools, and government institutions, the quality of cleaning is a primary priority. Robotics Design’s patented ANAT™ technology allows you to excel in jobs where robustness, job length and obstacle avoidance are critical factors. The ANATROLLER mobile robot family, composed of the ANATROLLER ARI-100 and ARI-50 guarantee that ou will be able to meet the growing demand for light-weight, small-sized and portable robotic duct cleaning equipment. These robots have proven their superiority in quality over more than ten years, and have only ever left satisfied clients.

Advanced Technology

In order to clean surfaces properly, the ANATROLLER ARI-100 and ARI-50 can move their brushes in all directions, cleaning not only the sides of a duct, but also the corners. A single cable is connected to these robots, which combines air intake and robot control, simplifying the robot’s manoeuvrability and the whole effectiveness of the job.

The robot may be modified based on your needs. You can decide to add an arm, a camera and even modify wheels to make the robots small or big. It is important to note that when the second camera is removed, leaving only the built-in camera, it becomes possible to use this robot as you can with the smaller robot, the ARI-50. In fact, this ANATROLLER ARI-100 ability allows it to clean and inspect ducts as small as five inches (12.7 cm) in height.

Efficiency and Swiftness:

Obstacles are ANATROLLER robots’ playing field. Made to be capable of performing the necessary work even when ducts are full of obstacles, they clean all duct surfaces without exception, and without your assistance. Also, the pneumatic brush equipped with the robots ensures a perfect work-quality, and allows them to effectively clean all surfaces of the duct in a single run.


Clients that use an ANATROLLER model recognize a complete ROI within no longer than six months. They attest that using an ANATROLLER robot allows them to perform a week’s work in about three days when there are obstacles and frequent changes in duct size. This ensures the job is completely performed effectively in an exceptionally short time.

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