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Romania water supply programme


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Franklin Hodge have once again been chosen to supply drinking water tanks for a further phase of a major water supply project in Romania, in partnership with Mivan-Kier Joint Venture Ltd who are based in Romania. Franklin Hodge has been supplying drinking water tanks for a number of years for village and small community water supply projects in Romania.

Franklin Hodge’s Liquistore cylindrical tank design had to be extensively modified to suit the particular requirements of the Romanian environment. Because of the low temperatures sometimes experienced during Romanian winters, the water tanks have to be insulated to prevent freezing and the consequent loss of supply and damage to the tank structure. The traditional method of insulating water tanks is to provide a thermal insulation 'jacket' to the exterior of the tank and then in turn fit an external cladding material to protect the insulation material from the elements. Over time the external cladding can become detached and the thermal insulation material, often mineral-wool, soon looses its thermal properties as it becomes damp and falls away from the tank shell. In some cases the insulating layer also becomes a breeding ground for vermin, mould and bacteria.

Franklin Hodge Liquistore tanks are insulated internally between the tank shell and the internal membrane liner, effectively 'encapsulating' the layer of insulation. This eradicates the problem of external weather damage to the insulating layer and uses the full corrosion resistant potential of the high coat zinc galvanised steel shell of the tank. Installation of the tank is made easier as hydraulic lifting gear can continue to be used throughout the building programme, making installation safer and faster, unlike the traditional insulation external jacket method where scaffolding would have to be used.

Insulating the tanks against freezing temperatures is not the only consideration, as the design of the tanks has to take into consideration the high incidence of earthquakes in Romania. Franklin Hodge Industries worked with local design bureau to ensure that the design of the Liquistore water tanks met with not only local building regulations, but will also withstand local earthquakes and seismic loading.

Mivan-Kier Joint Venture Ltd are building water supply services to villages and townships in various parts of Romania as part of an internationally funded scheme for the Ministry of Public Works. 

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