Route Brazil organizes the biggest beach clean-up in the history, on the Ocean Day

Source: ALLCOT

The World’s Oceans Day was created by the United Nations Organization on June 8, 1992, during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. It is a date that offers us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of the seas for life on earth, to celebrate maritime existence, and to be more active in it’s protection.

The oceans generate the bulk of the oxygen we breathe, absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions, and are economically important to countries dependent on tourism, fishing, and other marine resources for income, as well as being the basis of International trade. Unfortunately, however, the seas are constantly facing a number of serious dangers caused by human activities, such as the overexploitation of natural resources, the destruction and modification of their habitats, and the contamination of water with solid waste through our consumption. Considering the damage that these activities cause to the ecosystem, a worldwide awareness is of extreme priority to avoid the destruction of this indispensable natural resource.

The organization Route Brasil was founded in Florianopolis in 2011. Its main objective is to create solutions for the impact that our consumption generates in the natural environments, especially in the seas and beaches. Since its founding, the organization has already carried out more than 200 beach clean-up efforts, and today
has bases in Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fernando de Noronha, Lisbon (Portugal) and San Diego (California, USA).

In addition to working with the cleaning task-force, the organization undertakes other projects, including art events with recyclable material, zero-waste programs and the search for technologies for the recycling industry.

In anticipation of gathering a large audience, Route Brasil will carry out a beach cleaning and a 'big hug to the sea,' connecting 18,000 people, hand-to-hand, along the 18.3 kilometers (11.4 miles) that make up the sand strip of the beaches of ​Barra da Tijuca, Reserva and Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in Rio de Janeiro. 

In order to achieve this public goal, the organization employed a modern strategy of engagement. On the same day, 100 ambassadors posted a personal photo representing the form of the Cristo Redentor on their personal social networks. Each ambassador will be responsible for a spot on the beach, every 190 meters of sand, and will be inviting 150 people from their networks. The Swedish model Daniela Christiansson will be one of the international ambassadors. The event is scheduled to begin at ​9am on Saturday, June 8,​ with the symbolic act of 18,000 people holding hands in front of the sea at 10am. The expectation is that the '#AqueleAbraço' event will cause people to have a more critical look at their behavior and the impact human consumption has on the oceans. The hope is to repeat the action in future editions, allowing the level of impact to be monitored. Route Brasil deeply believes in the possibility of a positive change in results year after year, as it says in its manifesto: 'The route erected, will always be followed!”

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