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RTI wins US$19m contract for EPA air quality monitoring, modeling and research


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RTI International, in collaboration with a group of leading environmental research companies, has been awarded a contract to provide a wide range of research and technical support services to the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). The research team led by RTI includes Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG); Neptune and Company, Atmospheric Research and Analysis, Inc; EcoStat, Inc.; and Innovar Environmental, Inc.; as well as several nationally-recognized environmental consultants.

Under terms of the contract, worth up to $19 million over five years, scientists will provide advanced data analysis on air pollution control modeling, methods and technologies as well as technical support in areas such as training, communication, and regulatory development.
'We are very pleased that the EPA has selected us to continue to support this very important work, which contributes to the public health and safety of communities throughout the United States,' said James Flanagan, Ph.D., RTI's project director. 'We have assembled a world-class team of scientists and experts to support these very important efforts.'

Specific tasks scientists expect to perform under the contact include:

- Reviewing, modifying, and/or supporting the development of air regulations and policies
- Designing and implementing electronic systems, including Web sites and other Internet-based outreach systems
- Supporting atmospheric chemistry research and field activities
- Conducting outreach activities, including training and publications
- Providing statistical analysis and support for interpretation of air quality data.

Some of RTI's work assignments under two previous contracts with OAQPS have included:

Development of an innovative software tool called SDVAT that allows state, local, and tribal air monitoring agencies to more easily review and validate their monthly PM2.5 chemical speciation network data.

Onsite classroom and hands-on training in several African cities to help design and operate air quality monitoring networks for particulate matter, ozone and sulfur dioxide.

Providing a wide range of technical support to EPA for the PM2.5 Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) , which ensures the federal reference methods are accurately followed in routine ambient air quality PM2.5 data from the state, local and tribal air monitoring sites.

RTI has worked for more than 30 years in all aspects of air pollution research and development and service as one of EPA's premier environmental quality assurance laboratories. The RTI Team comprises a large, multidisciplinary pool of experts, including quality assurance professionals, environmental scientists, engineers, chemists, data managers, statisticians, and other technical support staff, who are recognized leaders in their fields.

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