RUBBLE MASTER RM60 recycles broken brick profitably



The RUBBLE MASTER RM60 Compact Recycler is a machine designed for success in niche applications – something Austrian and international users alike have appreciated for years. These compact crushers - together with ideally-tuned RUBBLE MASTER pre and post crushing screens – are complete recycling centres which can be set up anywhere, anytime to process a wide range of materials quietly and efficiently to produce high-value final grain.

The fact that the RM60 can also recycle production waste cost-effectively was the reason Leitl-Werke Ges.m.b.H. established contact with RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recyclers around six years ago. What is now Europe's most modern brickworks, headquartered in Eferding, Austria, has been building its comprehensive product range since 1895: from prefabricated brick elements to prestressed concrete roofs/ceilings and headers. They had tried to find a way of recycling the waste material which kept on accumulating by feeding it back into the production process as economically as possible.

This year, due to the wide range of materials to be processed, they decided to purchase a semi-mobile crusher unit which could be used for any application – recycling brick, and later prestressed concrete too. Tests with various crushers demonstrated that the recycling concept could be implemented cost-effectively this way. At the end of July the RUBBLE MASTER Marketing & Vertrieb GmbH from Linz heard of their plans. A successful test run was performed with the RM60 and a high-performance CS3600/2 double-deck screen, successfully clinching the deal in favour of the RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recycler. Since then the task of the RM60 has been to process batches of brick rubble as and when needed - depending on the situation at the depot. Each batch consists of about 700 tonnes of material which is processed in around 4 weeks. The user, who is otherwise busy with other jobs, only needs one person to operate the crusher. On average, the RM60 is only in operation for 100 days per year at the most. Two important grades are produced in this time: 0/3 mm brick sand, which eliminates the need to buy in expensive additive materials. And a lucrative by-product: 3/6 mm material that is sold as a brand of earth for pot plants due to the vitalising effect of baked clay. Other by-products can also be produced by adjusting the mesh size of the screens to meet increasing demand. Over-sized grain is fed straight back into the crusher to increase the efficiency of the recycling process even further. The crusher is also available for contract work.

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