Russian water and wastewater treatment market in full recovery



The economic downturn had a moderate impact on the development of water and wastewater treatment market in Russia.

However, the recovery has already started supported by financial programmes, increasing private investments in municipal and industrial sectors as well as urgent need to rehabilitate old and inefficient infrastructure.

In fact, the Russian water and wastewater sector has been neglected for a long time; hence reforms are a necessary step in the transition to a market economy.

'Water supply and wastewater treatment facilities are in most cases outdated and require immediate modernization, replacement and introduction of modern treatment solutions. Approximately 75 per cent of the infrastructure must be replaced in the next five to ten years', confirms Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Paulina Szyplinska

According to Frost & Sullivan, the total size of the Russian water and wastewater treatment market reached approximately $917.9 million in 2010. It is expected to almost double across the forecast period growing at the compound annual growth rate of 9.2 % from 2010 to 2017, boosted, as mentioned, by the need for legislative compliance as well as refurbishment and upgrade demands.

'Due to financial aid from international agencies, governmental support in the privatization of water utilities and growing opportunities for foreign entrants, a much clear perspective is emerging for the Russian water and wastewater treatment sector development.

Increasing interest in the operational and process efficiency of water services, and treatment solutions coupled with a resurgent, diverse and robust industrial sector is driving demand for advanced systems and high-end services.

This presents a platform of interesting opportunities for market players who are looking at entering or consolidating their position in the Russian water sector', says Research Analyst Szyplinska

Increasing focus on sludge treatment is also projected in Russia for the coming years, concentrating mainly on reducing sludge volumes, safe storage and incineration. At present the incineration of sewage sludge is not widely applied method in Russia, there are two sludge incineration plants in operation, but it is expected to become more important, mainly for large metropolises dealing with disposal problems.

Frost & Sullivan has recently organized an on-demand web conference titled 'Russian Water Market Outlook: $11 Billion Pure Water Programme to Fuel Growth'. The webinar - which is open to everyone interested in this sector - summarizes Ms Szyplinska market findings by giving an analysis of market forces, current and emerging trends, and future opportunities.

It can benefit several stakeholders in the value chain of the water and wastewater sector, mainly the treatment equipment suppliers, the engineering and construction companies, design engineering consulting companies as well as water utility service providers.

To receive the presentation and a link to the recording please email Chiara Carella, Corporate Communications, at with your full contact details.

Moreover, a research service on the Russian Water and Wastewater Treatment Market has just been published. Please contact Chiara Carella at the email address above for further information on the study and to receive a complimentary brochure.

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