RWL LLC Acquires a Majority Interest in Aeromix Systems


New York - RWL LLC (RWL) today announced that it has acquired a majority interest in Aeromix Systems, Incorporated (Aeromix), manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment systems. RWL, a company controlled by Ronald S. Lauder, is focused on creating a global water treatment business that will meet the growing need for clean water through the utilization of advanced water purification and recycling technologies.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Aeromix is an established player in the wastewater business with an installed base of more than 2,500 systems in the United States, Central and South America, and the Middle East. Winner of Frost and Sullivan's Best Practices Award in 2010, Aeromix uses its patented technologies and significant expertise in water aeration and mixing systems to treat wastewater including the use of solar powered units.

RWL focuses on small to medium-sized markets where its packaged water purification systems can provide clean water at an affordable price to municipal authorities, industrial companies, and military forces.

Following the completion of the Aeromix transaction, RWL will have, through its portfolio companies, an installed base in excess of 3,000 water systems in more than 60 countries. Based on proprietary engineering and know-how, the fixed and mobile water treatment units utilize state-of-the-art technology and are specifically customized for each client. 'Our services are based on the rapid delivery of superbly engineered, highly reliable systems at an affordable price to any customer worldwide,' said Ronald S. Lauder, RWL's Chairman.

'We are very excited about our investment in Aeromix and the prospect of joining with Aeromix's CEO, Peter Gross, to rapidly expand Aeromix's wastewater services business to new markets and for new applications, while also growing the existing client base. Peter will continue to be Aeromix's CEO and shareholder. Peter is a wonderful entrepreneur and a real expert in his field with over 29 years of experience. We are looking forward to working with Peter and his experienced team to bring additional resources to their efforts and build an industry leading enterprise. This strategic investment allows our clients to obtain all their water treatment needs from a single supplier,' said Mr. Lauder.

Peter Gross, founder and CEO of Aeromix said, 'We were very impressed by Mr. Lauder's commitment to growing our business in coordination with RWL and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with his other portfolio companies to greatly expand Aeromix. With Mr. Lauder's leadership and resources, we can attain goals that would have otherwise taken us many years to reach. The combined strength of the portfolio companies is a major advantage to our existing customer base.

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