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Save Money and The Environment, One Battery at a Time


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More than 3 billion batteries are thrown in the trash each year. We are fixing this problem.

Novato, CA – October 15, 2014 -- CP Lab Safety, a lab and industrial supply company and manufacturer of the health-preserving ECO Funnel, announced today that it is introducing a new, eco-friendly product in its endeavor to make the world a healthier, safer place: the ECO Battery Bin™.  The ECO Battery Bin™ is the latest innovation in the company's ongoing effort to promote proper disposal of hazardous waste.

President & CEO Kelly Farhangi described the new product by saying, 'the ECO Battery Bin enables people to do the right thing without hardship. It's easy to toss a battery in the trash, but batteries need to be recycled if we are serious about protecting ourselves and our planet. The ECO Battery Bin makes it painless to get the most out of our batteries, and to separate the dead ones into a single, safe place.'

According to the EPA, batteries are classified as hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly, such as through a certified recycling plant. The heavy metals contained in batteries include mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. Left to decompose on landfills, these toxins leak out of discarded batteries, contaminating breathable air and sources of drinking water.  However, more than 3 billion batteries are thrown in the trash each year, in the US alone.  Placed end to end, the dead alkaline batteries in today’s landfills could circle the earth more than 6 times!  

The ECO Battery Bin™ promotes higher yearly recycling rates for households and workplaces by providing a convenient place to drop off used batteries, reducing the tendency to illegally discard them in the waste basket.  At the same time, the device allows users to test the remaining energy capacity of unpackaged batteries, preventing exponential waste of energy and money.  The company began accepting orders in early October.

To learn more, visit: http://www.calpaclab.com/eco-battery-bin

Kelly Farhangi, President & CEO


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