Saving water with water recycling partnership


Artesian Resources Corporation, USA, has created the Artesian Water Recycling Partnership (AWRP) to encourage and support the use of reclaimed water for agricultural irrigation and other needs. Using reclaimed water to irrigate farm fields can save the Delmarva region millions of gallons of groundwater each day.

The AWRP's first project in Middletown, which was planned and engineered by Artesian in cooperation with partners including the town of Middletown, Gov. Jack Markell's office, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Delaware Department of Agriculture, the Delaware Farm Bureau, the University of Delaware and two area farmers, was launched last week and will save nearly 3 million gallons of water per day. The project enables the farmers to irrigate their fields with reclaimed water from Middletown instead of using pumped ground water.

'Water recycling makes sense for Delaware and the region, particularly during times of drought,' said Dian C. Taylor, chair, president & ceo of Artesian Resources. 'Using reclaimed water saves our groundwater; reduces nutrients in our rivers, streams and in the Chesapeake and Delaware bays; enables municipalities to expand wastewater service without capital expenditures for the purchase of land; and makes farming more financially tenable. It's a win for residents, farmers, taxpayers, the environment and everyone involved.'

Through the AWRP initiative, Artesian will provide planning, engineering and technical expertise and help bring together the various state,local and private partners needed for water recycling project approvals, Taylor said. Artesian's unique experience and expertise in water recycling and its ability to plan, design and build the systems enabled the Middletown project to be completed in only 9 months.

'We expect this is the first of many water recycling projects we will participate in on the Delmarva Peninsula,' Taylor said. 'Every drop of water is precious. Through our AWRP initiative, we intend to work with developers, farmers and municipalities to encourage and support the use of creative water recycling approaches such as rapid infiltration and spray irrigation for agriculture.'

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