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Scale, corrosion and Legionella control without chemicals from Elgressy


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27 May 2006: LONDON, UK: Elgressy UK is pleased to be able to offer its unique technology and methodology for water management in open and closed water systems. Taking a simplified and balanced view of water management has allowed Elgressy to create a highly effective system for the control of micro organisms (including Legionella, E-coli, etc.), scale and corrosion without using chemical additives.

Electricity is used to create chemical changes within reaction chambers. The resultant water electrolysis creates chemical reactions in a tightly controlled environment, generating precisely what is required to control scale, corrosion and disinfection, where and when it is needed. Electrolysis has been taken forward at Elgressy by applying years of research and field experience to the design of electrodes and reaction chambers.

The E100 unit sets the benchmark for effective scale prevention with no environmentally damaging wastewater. Using carefully designed electrodes in a specially formed reaction tank it continuously removes hardness from water by extracting calcium and magnesium as precipitated salts. This electrochemical approach to the control of the hardness in water is able to permanently remove the calcium from the water and, combined with the automatic microprocessor monitoring and control software, maintains a non-scaling water environment protecting capital equipment and removing safe havens for micro organisms to survive.

The Elgressy range also includes the L200 and L300 units. These offer simultaneous benefits of cathodic corrosion protection and disinfection for the management of the microbiology of cooling waters and hot water systems. Electrolysis raises the alkalinity of the water and produces free chlorine, ozone and hydrogen peroxide which form a potent means of killing algae and micro organisms such as Legionella.

Combining these units creates an elegant strategy by reducing scale, which diminishes the physical disruption of the cooling or heating circuit and reduces the structures on which bio-films can form and flourish. Chemical agents generated through electrolysis enhance control of the biological growth.

Commenting on the success of the system, Mark Eyre the Managing Director of Elgressy UK said “We are delighted to find that the small footprint of the units means that design, installation and retro-fitting are usually extremely straightforward. The removal of storage and handling of water treatment chemicals by employees is a commonly cited Health and Safety benefit and site engineers love not having to carry bags of salt!”

The control of Legionella is governed by the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance for the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (L8). The Elgressy Water treatment system is supported by all the services required to meet this legal framework for managing water circuits. The system must be correctly specified for the particular and specific requirements of each site, and then be correctly installed and serviced. Training is an integral part of ensuring that the health risks are correctly managed. The ongoing monitoring of the site water treatment performance and associated records are handled within the instruments’ software between scheduled service engineer visits. External Legionella testing is also available as part of the Elgressy total management program.

Mark Eyre summarised the system and the services offered by saying “The Elgressy system allows our customers to be confident of operating within the legal framework and meeting the important environmental and commercial considerations in the operation of water circuits. The issues of reducing water consumption and waste water generation are high on everyone’s agenda, particularly at the moment.”

Elgressy UK brings together a coherent package of all the necessary services in support of this elegant, accurately targeted and extremely effective water management technology.

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