SCFI Launches New Online Energy Calculator For Wastewater Treatment Professionals


Source: SCFI Group Limited

SCFI has launched a new interactive calculator on its website that allows industry professionals to find out in just minutes how much energy can be recovered in their waste stream by using AquaCritox® – the world’s first sustainable sludge destruction technology.

By inputting three basic figures, including annual sludge production, dry solids and ash percentages, the energy calculator provides a bespoke look for sludge generators at the energy they are currently dumping in their disposal process and how much thermal energy can be converted into electricity (or steam/hot water) when using an AquaCritox unit.

AquaCritox is especially suitable for the treatment of sewage, drinking water sludge and industrial organic aqueous waste streams and provides the industry with a unique and attractive alternative to other waste disposal methods available today.  It delivers complete organic wet waste destruction in an economical, quick, sustainable process while simultaneously generating renewable energy. By using Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO), it delivers 99.99%+ destruction of sludge in a safe, odourless process without generating any hazardous emissions to air or water.

As well as reducing the overall carbon footprint of a plant, AquaCritox provides a significant decrease in operating costs compared to current practices, such as incineration, land spreading and volume reduction technologies. Not only does it recover valuable by-products, such as phosphorus and CO2, it is the first technology to have a positive energy balance from processing wet waste, which can be used to generate steam and hot water, or in larger plants, for power generation.

In addition to the online calculator, the SCFI team is on hand to provide more in depth, tailored calculations (e.g. energy/mass balances, ROI, operating and capital costs). For more information please visit: or call: + 353 21 492 8983.

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