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Seagull Fouling Cleaning in Birmingham


Source: Eco Environmental Services Ltd

The structured approach to fouling cleaning at a heavily populated site in Birmingham is proving to be a successful bird control solution.

Earlier in 2011, Eco Environmental embarked on a new seagull deterrent project in Birmingham. We were asked to remove bird eggs and nests from a heavily populated site as the material deposited by seagulls was causing serious issues for our client.

Initially, there was a colony of around 200 seagulls with over 100 nests on the roof of the premises. On the second fouling cleaning visit, this number had dropped down to 70 nests with 200 eggs being removed.

Throughout the duration of this bird control project, these numbers will continue to fall as we attend the site every three weeks (the incubation time is around 24-28 days) and remove any new nests and eggs.

Over time, egg and nest removal encourages adult birds to relocate so that the colony reduces. This is why we expect only 50 pairs of seagulls to continue nesting at the site by the end of the treatment. The next season we would expect around 50 nests, a number which will be reduced down to perhaps 20 pairs of gulls for the following years.

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