Secure file destruction with certified UNTHA shredder


Source: UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh

LAGER 3000 GmbH, established in 1999, is one of today’s leading providers of file and data storage, archive management and file digitalization solutions. The company's customers include well-known banks, public authorities, courts, insurance companies as well as trade and commerce firms. Recently, the company started offering customers a secure file and data destruction service according to the new DIN 66399 security standard.

UNTHA Deutschland GmbH was commissioned to design and implement the file shredding system. As a full-service provider, they offer a customized, single-stage system solution. The core of the system is an UNTHA RS40 shredder with 2 x 22 kW and a special cutting unit. UNTHA was commissioned to provide this solution mainly because their shredding systems meet the newest DIN 66399 security standards. An independent certification authority has confirmed compliance with the standard and issued a respective certification. Another deciding factor in favour of UNTHA was the system's flexibility - depending on the customer's needs, the system is also able to securely shred data carriers such as hard drives or optical storage media in addition to files.

'Our new file destruction system is very flexible in regards to the output material and the various security levels,” explained Oliver Riemer, Managing Director of LAGER 3000.

The new file destruction system will be running daily for at least eight hours. An underfloor conveyor feeds the material into the four-shaft shredding machine where it is shredded. A reverse conveyor belt moves the file and data pieces to a baling press. The pressed bales are recycled in the regional paper mills and are used for paper production. Shredded hard drives and optical carrier media are moved into a separate skeleton container by the reverse conveyor belt and are subsequently picked up by regional disposal companies.

A dust removal system additionally installed on the shredder hopper ensures clean air in the hall. The system comes with three screens of different sizes which can be inserted quickly and easily into the shredder depending on the (required) security level.

This new system has provided LAGER 3000 with the opportunity to expand its business segments, and the company is now able to offer customers secure and certified file and data carrier destruction.

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