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Well water location. Aquifer depth, yield and thickness reported before drilling a water well. The GF6 seismoelectric technology is used for groundwater surveys {aquifer depth & yield} before drilling a water well. GF6 equipment sales and training are available world wide.

Most people go straight to having a water well drilled before investigating where the aquifer is (or) if there is a good usable aquifer on their land. A GF6 groundwater survey allows for proper planning of a well water project and lowers the risk of dry or unusable wells (boreholes).

The seismoelectric technology has been used in the U.S. since 2001 by AquaLocate Founder Ervin Kraemer . The most recent and updated version of the technology [GF6] detects groundwater to 1,600 feet and in some areas deeper depending on survey conditions.

The difference between the GF6 and other water location systems is that the GF6 actually images the water while other systems look at the rock formations. It has been so successful that well drillers, geologist and geophysicist are now buying GF6 units to use around the world.

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