Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS)

Self-Cleaning Buildings Thanks to Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry

Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. nanotechnology solutions provider and global distributor of advanced photocatalyst* coatings, recently introduced its new easy to apply, green, environment friendly, transparent self-cleaning coating for exterior applications, distributed under brand 'Gens Nano'.

GENS Nano is applied very easily on existing buildings or during manufacturing process. Coated materials when illuminated by natural daylight will bring diversified excellent benefits to buildings. GENS Nano photocatalyst:

* Keeps the building in new and clean aperiance for many years
* Protects the surface from dust, acid rain and air pollutant damage
* Purifies the air pollutant near and on the surface (e.g. car exhausts NOx, Formaldehyde, Benzene, VOCs)
* Decomposes the organic pollutant on the surface
* Reduces the energy consumption for cooling the building in summer
* Restrains growth of mildew and alga
* Fights the bacteria and virus on the surface and in the air near the coated surface
* Absorbs the UV from sun and then protect the surface from UV damage Restrain the dust electrostatic adsorption

Nanotechnology is the design and fabrication of objects with dimensions in nanometers, or billionths of a meter. Gens Nano is a water-based coating containing photocatalyst called Titanium dioxide ( TiO2 ). Titanium dioxide has been popular in the industry for many years. It is a natural mineral safe for human use. FDA approved TiO2 as a food color additive in 1966 with the stipulation that the additive was 'not to exceed 1% by weight'. Nano size titanium dioxide particles have photocatalyst power when exposed to light. This discovery was made by Japanese scientists and since then the photocatalyst technology has been proven commercially, making it perfect for development of advanced self-cleaning coatings.

Nano scale particles of titanium dioxide used in Gens Nano coating are synthesized, crystallized and dispersed directly in the water based solvent by means of proprietary advanced chemical hydrosynthesis technology, making the solution very stable and superior to similar products. Coating does not contain any VOC's (volatile organic compounds) making the product green, environment friendly and totally non-toxic to the environment.

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