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Seminar on Reduction Technology of Organic Waste in Farmer's Market

The implementation of the classification and treatment of domestic waste is an important call issued by President Mr Xi to the entire party and the people of China. Garbage sorting involves thousands of households and is a trivial matter for the people and a major issue for people's livelihood.

On September 24, 2020, the 'Symposium of Technical Experts on Wet Waste Reduction in Farm Products Market ' jointly organized by the Tongji University and Techase was held in Techase Headquarters. Tang Jiafu, Deputy Director of Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Administration, Qi Yumei, Deputy Director of Domestic Waste Management Office, Yao Gang, Deputy Director of Waste Management Office, Xue Jialiang, Deputy Director of Pudong New Area Ecological Environment Bureau, Wang Pei, Deputy Director of Environmental Sanitation Department, and Tongji University Professor He Qunbiao and his entourage visited Techase to inspect wet waste on-site treatment equipment and discuss the topic of wet waste on-site reduction. Techase’s CEO Zhang Wenbiao, Vice President Liu Daoguang, Kang Aimin, and Assistant President Shen Jing attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr Zhang introduced the products and technology from the field of sewage sludge treatment to wet garbage and solid waste treatment with its four-generation R&D, lean production, and iron triangle service systems. Mr. Liu introduced in detail the three wet waste on-site treatment solutions launched by Techase for different market needs-physical reduction, resource, and centralized disposal.

In the seminar, experts said that although Techase has just entered the field of wet waste treatment this year, it has accumulated profound technology in environmental protection technology, mechanical design, and thermal energy for more than ten years, and its wet waste treatment equipment is advanced and effectively avoiding some existing technical problems.

Experts suggested that we should give priority to small footprint when choosing waste reduction equipment for agricultural products and vegetable markets. At the same time, it should also meeting factors such as technical stability, environmental protection compliance, and economic rationality.

Experts also pointed out that the current biochemical treatment equipment on the market generally has problems such as lack of sewage treatment modules and substandard sewage discharge. They hope that Techase can solve this problem and make a cost-effective sewage treatment solution.

After seminar, experts visited an installed project at the Shanghai Huling vegetable market with Mr. Zhang. After the on-site inspection, experts commend that Techase wet waste treatment equipment is able to deal with hard fiber material,such as corn husks, bamboo shoots, etc. with low noise.


1. Wide Range of Application

Except for common fruit and vegetable wastes, it can be applied in dealing with stuff with hard shell.

2. Small Footprint

Min. Floor area is 8㎡. Compact design, high efficient use of space.

3. High Degree of Automation

PLC automatically control.

4. Clear and Tidy On-stie Environment

No smell, low noise, compact and sealed design.

5. High Quantity Reduction Rate

Reduce 85% of waste.

Garbage classification is not only related to the environmental construction of the city, but also conducive to the recycling of resources. The realization of recycling and utilization of domestic garbage is a protection of environmental resources. As an innovative enterprise deeply engaged in environmental protection, Techase will continue to innovate and develop, and strive to introduce better and more professional environmental protection equipment to contribute to environmental protection!