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Septic Tank Filters added to WTE wastewater treatment product range

Waste Tech are proud to introduce Final Effluent and Septic Tank Filters to the UK.

The big problem with septic tanks is that their soakaways block with suspended solids carried out of the tank and into the soakaway itself. These solids eventually ruin the soil porosity and the soakaway fails.

The Wastewater Filter is fitted into the vertical part of the 'T' on the outlet pipe from the septic tank and removes up to 70% of the fine suspended solids from the discharging effluent of a septic tank and up to 30% from a sewage treatment unit, vastly increasing the quality of the wastewater and protecting the soakaway from blockage.

It requires NO electricity and minimum maintenance - it simply pulls out by the handle, hosepipes clean and is pushed back - simple as that!

The Effluent Filter directs the outgoing effluent through either a series of very fine slots or bristles which prevent anything over 1/16th of an inch leaving the septic tank. It also encourages the growth of millions of aerobic bacteria throughout its matrix which further digest the organic matter in the liquid.

The range extends from septic tank filters suitable for single domestic dwellings to filters suitable for treating up to 20,000 litres/day.

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