Service station site closures


Source: Arcadis

ARCADIS has obtained results from a recent approach to obtain No Further Action determinations for sites with historic fuel releases. ARCADIS remediation experts will discuss the factors preventing closure as encountered and overcome at thousands of service station sites across the country in a special one-day forum within the 2010 National Groundwater Association Ground Water Expo in Las Vegas. The forum, 'Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Ground Water,' will be held Thursday, 9th December.

'Currently in the industry, remediation of contaminated sites is largely controlled by annual spending constraints, resulting in little or no real progress toward closure,' said Evan Nyer, senior vice president for ARCADIS U.S. 'While adopting an aggressive closure strategy may require more money up front, we have determined that the long-term costs are significantly reduced. Simply put, the sooner a site can reach No Further Action status, the sooner all liabilities are eliminated.'

Nyer will provide the keynote address for 'Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Ground Water,' during which he will summarise ARCADIS' findings from work on thousands of contaminated petroleum sites. More than ten other ARCADIS experts will give presentations that explain key obstacles in reaching closure, and will introduce technologies and approaches that overcome these difficulties.

Other presentations and discussions throughout the forum will focus on a number of key site closure topics, including case studies of cost-effective remediation projects; characterisation and remediation of contaminants at surface water/groundwater interfaces; effective investigation tools and techniques; and best practices for responding to regulator concerns.

'We hope this forum will provide attendees with evidence-based understanding of aggressive site closure and an improved set of tools to address remediation at contaminated sites,' said Nyer.

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