Severn Trent Services Awarded River Dee Monitoring Contract


Severn Trent Services were recently awarded a five-year contract by The Dee Steering Committee (DSC) for the continued sampling and analysis of the water in the River Dee.

The DSC has been set up to monitor the quality of the water taken from the River Dee which is processed to provide drinking water. The Committee consists of four parties: United Utilities, Dee Valley Water and Dwr Cymru with the Environment Agency as the fourth member.

Monitoring water quality requires Severn Trent Services to take samples from eight sample points, twice a day on the River Dee and its main tributaries. Severn Trent provide analysis and reporting of a wide range of organic parameter results within seven hours of sampling at the laboratory in Runcorn.

Three intake protection stations at Manley Hall, Poulton and Huntington hold a range of on-line instrumentation that monitor river water quality on a continuous basis. An Intake Protection service team undertake daily maintenance and calibration checks on on-line instruments at each station.

In the event of a pollution incident, Severn Trent Services provide technical and analytical expertise in the assessment and monitoring of the River Dee. The scope may also include investigation of indirect pollution incidents within the River Dee catchment area if it is thought there may be a risk to water quality.

Through the extensive continuous monitoring of the River Dee the DSC water company members are able to protect drinking water quality in their respective customer areas.

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