Severn Trent Services to Unveil Complete Chlorination Solution at ACE 2014


FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., USA -- Severn Trent Services, a leading global supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions, will showcase its new Chlorination Solution package at AWWA’s ACE 2014. The company will unveil its new Chlorination SAFE Station (CSS), an all-inclusive gas feed system that relieves the design burden of the end user while increasing safety. The CSS is composed of an insulated fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) building, gas feed equipment, gas detectors, scales, scrubber, controls and safety equipment.

The FRP building stores up to 15 cylinders in any combination of containers: operating, standby and empty. The CSS includes a 150-pound, low-profile EST™ type DHS 400 dry emergency chlorine scrubber engineered to treat accidental gas releases of chlorine/sulphur dioxide at a leak rate in accordance with Uniform Fire Code requirements while constantly maintaining a negative pressure in the cylinder storage room. The basic design of the CSS offers customizable options to address customers’ needs.

Visitors to booth 2630 will also find a broad range of disinfection and filtration technologies including the award-winning ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems, TETRA® potable, tertiary and biological filtration technologies and Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection systems.

About Severn Trent Services

Severn Trent Services ( with global headquarters in Fort Washington, Pa., USA, is a leading supplier of water and wastewater solutions. The company’s broad range of products and services is concentrated around disinfection, instrumentation and filtration technologies and contract operating services. Our operating services business provides contract management, operations support and systems improvements for utility, industrial and commercial water and wastewater customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. Severn Trent Services is a member of the Severn Trent Plc (London: SVT.L) group of companies. Severn Trent is a FTSE 100 company.

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