Sewer Gas Testing and Consulting Services Allow Residents of Puerto Rico to Breathe Easier


Source: Zimmetry Environmental

Zimmetry Environmental provides services to identify sewer gas and its components to prevent hazardous situation and improve indoor air quality.

Bayamon, Puerto Rico -- Sewer gas is a complex mixture of toxic and nontoxic gases that can be present in a home, school or building depending on various circumstances. It is formed during the decay of household and industrial waste.

There can be highly toxic components of sewer gas which include hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Sewer gas also contains methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides. Chlorine bleaches, industrial solvents and gasoline are frequently present in municipal and privately owned sewage treatment systems and these substances can also release gases.

Sewer gas is a concern due to its unpleasant odor, health effects associated with exposure and breathing toxic gases, asphyxiation concerns, and the potential for creating explosion hazards in extreme circumstances. Its presence can also lower property values.

“To help prevent exposure to sewer gas, flush floor and sink drains and other plumbing fixtures with water to prevent the traps in the pipes to the sewer from drying out,” said Harry Pena, President of Zimmetry Environmental. “Occasionally check the roof plumbing vents for any signs of blockage. In addition, check that exhaust vents are not located too closely to air intakes or windows used for ventilation. Any cracks in vents and drain pipes could also allow sewer gas to enter a structure or if the plumbing was not built to code.”

The professionals at Zimmetry Environmental can test and monitor for sewer gas and its many components. If a problem is identified, corrective actions can then be implemented to prevent future exposure risks for families and building occupants. Zimmetry also recently sponsored a video about sewer gas and exposure concerns that can be seen at:

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