‘Sewers are for Sewerage`


On World Toilet Day last week, the UK water industry launched a Sewer Network Action Programme (SNAP) to stop blockages and protect quality of life. The sewerage system works on behalf of the citizens out of sight and out of mind. However, the sewers also depend on the users to keep them working properly.

No-one whose house has been flooded will ever question the point of events such as World Toilet Day in drawing attention to the plight of people in developing countries without adequate sanitation. For the rest of UK citizen (thankfully the vast majority) the power of imagination is enough to make us care and try to help.

In the UK, a drainage system that protects health and quality of life in all but the most unusual circumstances. But the sewers and drains we depend on also depend on us, to treat them well and keep them working properly. The message is therefore: ‘Sewers are for Sewage'.

The SNAP Sewer Network Action Programme website is the first step in a campaign to protect our quality of life by protecting our sewers. This involves using waste bins for food, fats, oil and solid items and by repairing plumbing misconnections.

The SNAP website is a reference point for existing energetic campaigns by water companies and partner groups in four areas:

  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Non-flushable products
  • Macerators (food disposal units)
  • Misconnections (wastewater draining to surface water sewers).

Water UK Director of Communication Barrie Clarke said 'The new site shows how much commitment already exists in companies and public bodies to help people do right by sewers in their own interests. In the spring, SNAP begins a series of events for consumer and environment groups as part of a wider campaign.

'Drainage systems play a vital part in society but are facing many threats including: more intense rainfall episodes; urban creep and loss of absorbent green space; and growing populations. Everyone can help every day by using this national asset for the work it was designed to do.'

For more information, visit Sewer Network Action Programme and World Toilet Day.

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