SewerVUE completes in-pipe radar scans in salt lake city


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SewerVUE’s parent company, Terraprobe Geoscience Corp. was hired by Carollo Engineers P.C. to undertake a high frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey to investigate four interior joints of the 60-inch unlined RCP raw water Davis Aqueduct owned by the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District in Layton, Utah. This was a time critical project with the primary water supply shut down for several days for 500,000 people, about 1/4 of the state’s population. The line was dewatered and District staff removed repair clamps at the joints prior to the GPR survey. The purpose of the survey was to map pipe wall thickness, rebar configuration, ascertain the joint configuration and locate any voids outside of the pipe. GPR data successfully confirmed the rebar configuration and wall thickness in the four surveyed joints. The owner was pleased with the progress of the inspection and maintenance work overseen by Carollo’s infrastructure team that they called the local news station, KSL (NBC Affiliate) who ran a feature story of the project. SewerVUE was privileged to be a part of the story, and also to unveil the principles behind man entry Pipe Penetrating Radar.

SewerVUE is pleased to be included with the Inuktun USA outside booth (#607) at the 26th Annual Tri – State Seminar On-The-River. September 28 – 30, 2010 in Primm, Nevada, ( ) The Tri-State Seminar on the River exhibits will all be in the arena of Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino. The exhibit hall will open at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Tri-States seminar, affiliated with the Arizona Water Association, Nevada WEA, and California WEA, expects more than 2500 attendees. Gordon Henrich, SewerVUE VP Sales and Marketing will be in attendance in Booth #607. Please drop by to discuss Pipe Penetrating Radar!

ABOUT SEWERVUE – SewerVUE’s patent-pending in-pipe GPR inspection technology gathers and interprets, on commercial scale, the data needed to assess pipe wall thickness, rebar cover, and outside voids. This critical information allows owners and consultants to model service life and plan remediation and rehabilitation of large diameter underground pipes and related infrastructure.

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