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SF6-Multi-Analyser – precise determination of the gas quality in SF6-filled electrical equipment


Source: DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH

The new generation of the SF6-Multi-Analyser allows to determine the three major quality parameters (SF6 concentration, humidity and quantity of decomposition products) in one single operation. As a result, service specialists can determine on site whether the gas still complies with the IEC Standard 60480 (SF6 reuse) or whether it needs purification.

Integrated batteries have been used as the power supply in the new SF6 Multi-Analyser for the first time, thus allowing for self-contained working. The product upgrade offers additional options for handling of the measuring gas. The gas sample can not only be stored inside the device and then fed back into the gas compartment; it is also possible to store the measuring gas directly in cylinders or containers with pressures of up to 10 barabs without disconnecting the device from the gas compartment.

Cylinders or containers with a pressure of up to 35 barabs can be connected directly to the device without an additional pressure reducer. This makes handling of the measuring gas easier and speeds up the measurement process. The new SF6 Multi-Analyser also offers the option of connecting external measuring gas collecting bags so that continuous measurements are possible.

Additional features:

  • No emissions of measuring gas
  • Modular interchangeability of the sensors
  • Easy and user friendly menu navigation via high quality 7“ capacitive colour touch screen
  • Results of up to 500 measurements can be stored with name, date and time
  • Battery and external power supply
  • USB and LAN connection
  • Compact design, easy handling and transportation (installed in trolley case)

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