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Sherwood makes the best chloride analyser even better


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Sherwood Scientific announces a significant update of the much admired Model 926 Chloride Analyser. Featuring a redesigned PCB, sealed face-plate and a new backlit LCD display, this latest version retains the excellent accuracy and reliability which have made Sherwood’s Model 926 the instrument of choice in manufacturing, food analysis, and clinical applications (Model 926S).

For 30 years the Model 926 Chloride Analyser has been recognised by the food industry, independent studies and APHA Standard Methods as an accurate and precise instrument for measuring salt in food products. The latest version of the instrument offers the familiar mode of operation and results format, as well as the same usability and high performance specification, but with the addition of features which will be welcomed by users.

Changes to the PCB have facilitated incorporation of surface mount switches protected by a leak-proof membrane, making for a more rugged instrument and easier cleaning. The new 2.75 inch 60 dpi LCD display has space to give additional on-screen status information, units of measurement and operator prompts, for even simpler operation by new or occasional users.

Food manufacturers require a method of rapidly and accurately checking the chloride (NaCl) concentration in foodstuffs, such as snacks, cheese and seasonings, for QA/QC purposes. Chloride content is also a critical measurement in cement manufacture and, as in the food industry, Sherwood’s Model 926 Chloride Analyser is widely chosen for its ability to deliver highly accurate results without the need to make up the fresh reagents required by traditional silver nitrate methods for chloride determination. For food industry applications a dedicated button on the 926 provides instant conversion of the measured mg/l chloride into a mg% salt content in the foodstuff under analysis.

Model 926S is designed specifically for clinical use, principally the determination of chloride in sweat samples, an elevated level being indicative of the condition cystic fibrosis. The option to handle volumes as small as 20µl without the need to recalibrate the unit is a particular advantage in this analysis, given that the test is usually applied to tiny samples from babies and infants.

Other features new to the Model 926 analysers include two USB sockets enabling firmware revision uploads and data download to a computer, complementing the original RS232 port which is retained. In recognition of the global importance of the instrument, the new Model 926 is supplied with a universal power supply and plug adaptor kit suitable for worldwide use, while an external transformer gives cooler operation and enhanced surge protection. Finally, factory-set calibrations ensure accuracy over a wide range of measurement.

About Sherwood Scientific

Sherwood Scientific Ltd develops and manufactures a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in many industries, as well as in education and research.

Known for their high quality and reliability, Sherwood Scientific products are all manufactured at the company’s base in Cambridge, UK and sold and supported through an extensive distributor network covering over 80 countries. Fully equipped training and laboratory facilities enable Sherwood Scientific to offer courses on all products and to undertake consultancy projects in analytical measurement and process control.

The history of Sherwood Scientific can be traced back more than 70 years to applications of the selenium photocell in early flame photometers – now the largest and most diverse of our product lines. The company’s heritage also encompasses the Fluid Bed Dryer, Magnetic Susceptibility Balance and Microwelder developed under the auspices of Johnson Matthey, and the acquisition and further development of Corning and CIBA Corning colorimeters and chloride analysers.

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