Sinorock Soil Nails Design Advantage


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A kind of self drilling hollow anchor bolt

Sinorock Soil Nails Design Advantage

Sinorock soil nail is a kind of self drilling hollow anchor bolt. It consists of hollow anchor bar, drill bit, coupling, packer, plate and nut. Drilling, installation, and injection of the soil nail in one single operational step. And it has easy and similar operating principle for different rock mass and soil conditions. No pre-drilling of a borehole by using a casing tube and extension rods with subsequent anchor installation necessary.

This self drilling type soil nail also has below advantage:

1. Bare or corrosion-protected version available.

2. Drill bit design and diameter to different rock mass and ground conditions.

3. Minor space requirement for the accomplishment of anchoring

4. Optimized machinery and manpower requirements

5. Optimum bonding of the profiled anchor rod and the grout

6. Basic dimensioning of the required anchoring forces by choosing the appropriate anchor type

8. Functional adjustment of the required anchor lengths using couplings

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