SIR develops a NEW SERIES for Ambient Air Gas Analyzers



SIR S.A., Madrid, Spain – SIR, an environmental monitoring instrumentation manufacturer, announced today that it is implementing state of the art distributed technologies as the basis for a new series of ambient air gas analyzers.

By adapting advanced mobility technologies, SIR will be able to provide a rich and friendly working environment (color touch screen) together with maximized storage capacity (USB) and greater connectivity options (LAN, USB, Bluetooh, RS-232).

This new series takes full advantage of today's fast wireless networks and advanced mobile devices, providing the user with remote update, maintenance, diagnostic and supervision capabilities.

'SIR is excited to enrich our current products with optimized mobile technologies. Connectivity is an ideal basis for development since it enables our engineers to focus on innovation and development for future customer needs. As a result, the entire new series value chain, from manufacturer to end-users, will benefit from the flexible architecture, full connectivity and a flexible working environment,' according to Luis Delgado, Chief Operations Officer, SIR.

The new SIR series includes the following analyzers:

• O3 Analyzer by UV Absorption
• SO2 Analyzer by UV Fluorescence (H2S Optional)
• CO Analyzer by NDIR-GFC
• NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer by Chemiluminiscence
• Multi-gas Calibrator by dilution

Compliance with international certification regulations: U.S.E.P.A., EN14211:2005, EN14212:2005, EN14625:2005, EN 14626:2005, MCERTS, Korean Testing Laboratory.

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