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SLAYER providing the EDGE for BCI Betriebs-AG


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Switzerland -- BCI of Switzerland have recently taken delivery of 2 Edge Shredders. The EDGE Slayer plays a pivotal role for (BCI) Basel Chemical Industry in a 350 Million Euro land reclamation project.

BCI needed a machine which could shred huge volumes of material which was both highly volatile and potentially explosive. Engineers from the EDGE Design Academy worked closely with BCI, introducing some technological advances allowing the customer to maximize production while also minimizing the health and safety threat.

A unique feature of the EDGE Slayer is that full machine operation and control is carried out remotely from a control room 100 meters away. The machine operates within an enclosed cover and is now providing a key role in the safe rehabilitation of the contaminated site by processing the excavated waste making it safe for incineration, eliminating the risks & damage from potential explosions.

From 1961 – 1976 this site, a former Clay pit was used by the local Chemical industry & Swiss army to dump waste. In 1976, the landfill area containing 114,000 tonnes of waste was sealed and covered with foliage. However over time this clay bowl began filling up with water, causing contamination to spill out. From 1986-1995 extensive measures (drainage system, septic tank, new cover) were taken to minimize the impact of the landfill on the environment. In 2000, representatives of the Canton of Jura and the BCI (an umbrella group for 8 Swiss chemical companies) signed an agreement targeting complete the cleanup of the site by 2013.

In 2011, the Minister of the Environment and Public Works of the Canton of Jura, Philippe Receveur, granted a green light on the excavation of waste. Since the pilot phase started, more than 1000 tons of waste have been excavated and treated. The Operation is carried out in a controlled manner, which guarantees the safety of employees, the surrounding population and environment.

The EDGE Slayer shreds the waste and opens any closed containers. The shredded waste is then taken into a preparation hall where it is analyzed and stabilized if necessary. The waste is then shipped in sealed, purpose built train carriages to 2 incineration plants. Once complete the entire plant will be demolished & decontaminated and the site returned to nature.

Darragh Cullen – EDGE MD commented; “The EDGE Slayer is providing a key role in processing waste landfill rehabilitation. After much consideration and many trials it became clear that the Slayer was the only machine capable of handling this material to the satisfaction of the customer. Our ability to offer a tailor made solution to address this specific health and safety threat demonstrates our flexibility and our willingness to work with our customers to develop unique solutions” A key feature of the Slayer is the PLC computer which includes built in safety features. Some of the key features of the Slayer are its compact & robust design along with its excellent accessibility. The custom shafts provide consistent uniform material sizing, producing material to be safely rehandled after processing.”

With the success of the first Slayer assisting in the process land reclamation, a second machine is currently being commissioned by BCI Betriebs-AG.

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