Slick sleuth ACSA jet fuel pollution solution spill detection for Tambo Intl. Airport


Source: InterOcean Systems LLC

Jet fuel flowing down the twin storm-water culverts will be detected by two Slick Sleuth oil-spill detection monitors installed at the point just before the storm-water culverts enter the spillage trap. These monitors will trigger an alarm. When alerted the Slcik Sleuth oil-spill detection monitors will close the spillage trap. According to InterOceans Systems, manufacturers of the Slick Sleuth oil spill detection monitor and alarm system installed at OR Tambo International Airport, the system is ideal for detection of oil spills and sheens in fresh, brackish, or saltwater environments. It is equally suitable for oil detection over solid substrates such as earth, concrete, metal, etc. The downwardlooking sensor can be used to detect petroleum products, commonly referred to as Poly
Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAH/BTEX compounds, which include crude oil, bunker ‘C’, diesel/fuel oil, lube oil,  turbine oil, hydraulic as signal transmission to the facility’s control centre for real-time spill alert. Additional
options are available for spill notification via dedicated computer monitor, telephone, or pager, providing a system tailored to user’s specific needs for early warning alert and immediate spill response and containment
capabilities. Slick Sleuth provides users with the best available technology, for use as a best management practice (BMP) device and spill prevention and control countermeasure (SPCC) tool.

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