Slickbar expands product range into Fish Diversion


Source: Lamor Corporation Ab

Two (2) projects in different states with different customers, but all to assist the same species, the American or Atlantic Shad (A. sapidissima). The Fish Diversion Barriers are two fold—One to keep the fish moving as natural as possible so they have a chance of reaching their ultimate destination and two to keep them out of powerful intake pumps for cooling water of various types of industries.

This expansion of product range is a perfect fit for our experience in the marine environment. It also allows us to utilize our engineering and manufacturing backgrounds for custom tailored projects, states Dan Beyer, Sales Manager. Two (2) fish diversion barriers were recently installed for Save the Sound in Connecticut.Sally Harold, Project Director Saugatuck River Watershed Partnership, Weston, CT states: “Sunday I caught our first Alewife in the basket trap; yesterday I found a second and today our counter had 22 hits! I'm looking forward to checking it in the morning and can't wait to see the results of two booms in the river!”

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