“Slotter” – low dust granulation


Source: Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Low dust granulation of sprues and rejected parts is often a decisive quality aspect for the return of ground material to the production process. The new Slotter (“Slow Cutter”) roll mills from Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG work without the use of sieves and at a low speed of just 25 r.p.m., so that gentle granulation without thermal degradation, faster delivery of granulate and consequently extremely low dust ground material can be guaranteed.

The cutting equipment of the Slotter consists, depending on different size versions, of a segmented roll rotor, two pre-cutters and six counter blades (Photo LS 250/250). Large and bulky parts are pre-shredded between the rotating pre-cutters and the wall of the housing. The pre-shredded material is further processed into granulate between the roll rotor and counter blades, where the finished granulate is also delivered. With throughput performance of approx. 5 – 15kg/h, the achievable granule size of the ground material lies in the range 4 - 8mm, depending on the width and height of the tooth surfaces. The drive power rating amounts to between 1,1 kW to 2,2 kW. The new roll mill range is available with working widths of 150mm, 250mm and 330mm.

The compact, space saving construction enables use directly at the injection moulding machine. The divided grinding chamber ensures fast opening, good access and therefore fast cleaning, e.g. with changes of colour or material. A highly robust version of the grinding chamber is available for granulating reinforced materials.

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