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Sludge Dewatering Machine&Polymer Dosing Machine for BASF Chemical

Operation Site

China-18.9.14 -- On 13th September, after services engineer went to BASF Chemical's operation site. And together with engineers on site, we help them complete the sludge dewatering house. Three sets of polymer dosing tanks and one set Screw Press sludge dewatering machine installed for BASF Chemical. Thanks for all the valuable trust, we will keep moving and providing high-quality products.

Advantages of our screw press machine:
**  High resistance to oily sludge: Clog-free structure, volute can easily handle oily sludge without clogging.
**  Energy & water-saving design, low noise and little vibration
**  24-hour automated operation: Only requires periodic inspection and chemical replenishment.
**  All in one compact design: Including the control panel as package. Its all-in-one design makes it very compact and economical.
**  Easy maintenance: A partial overhaul of the dewatering cylinder is a half-day work and it can be undertaken on site easily.
**  Much more cost-saving than Centrifuge and belt filter press.

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